Underwater Photography Bonaire

Underwater Photography Bonaire

Beautiful diving in a relaxed atmosphere and lots of fun. All of this combined with an Underwater Photography workshop Bonaire. This is an enjoyable learning course you will love.
You can join me for half a day, a day or a whole week. Just tell me what you want!

PADI Digital Underwater photographer 

I’m a certified PADI Underwater Photography Instructor. The teaching style focuses on the student’s photography for the entire Underwater Photographer workshop. During surface time and in between dives, we will explain something about editing, histograms, white balance etc.

Macro underwater pictures Bonaire

You can choose between 2 courses:

Beginning “Underwater photographer Bonaire”
We will start by explaining all of the bits and pieces of your camera. For example, do I have to shoot in RAW or JPEG? How do I make my camera ready for use?

2 dives and theory : $229,- (including tanks, coffee and lunch, excluding certification card)

Experienced “Underwater photographer Bonaire”
Do I use my ISO, Shutter speed etc..well?
How can I use light into my pictures?

4 dives and theory (2 days) : $ 399,- (including tanks, coffee and lunch)

The Underwater photographer Bonaire courses will be given on Bonaire on different divespots. We can do one-on-one courses or a group of  max. 4 people.

I also give private sessions. Please send me an email for your wishes.

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