I’m a freelance conservation photographer for WWF-NL 
We need to educate kids/adults here on our beautiful Island Bonaire. But not only on Bonaire but also in the rest of the world. That’s where it begins. Through my lens I want to show people how beautiful our planet can be. 

I’m very proud of the fact that I can work together with the WWF-NL. In In 2021 we joined the whale and dolphin expedition which was organized by CCS (Caribbean Cetacean Society) I was commissioned by WWF-NL to capture footage of this expedition with the goal to highlight the importance of this expedition and to visualize which activities are conducted during the expedition.

Because of this expedition we realized how important research is. Slowly we were thinking about starting our own foundation and now it’s here and it’s called: Blue Defenders

Here are two articles about this amazing expedition: WWF Magazine Sperm whales & WWF site

Our own foundation Blue Defenders 

Lately were getting more cetaceans on Bonaire like the Brydes whales. That’s the main reason why we started this foundation. We need to know more about the cetaceans in this area. What species do we have, where do they travel and what’s their behavior. Here’s a video of a bait ball with sharks and a Brydes whale on the Eastcoast of Bonaire: Baitball & Brydes whales

Ocean Witness is a collection of real stories told by real people: the Ocean Witnesses. These are men and women that are (fully) dedicated to the preservation of oceans. 
The oceans are facing daunting problems, such as climate change, pollution and overfishing. If we continue to let this happen, not only the health of our oceans and its inhabitants keep suffering, but billions of people around the world will lose their livelihoods and food sources. Luckily, many people and organizations are fighting to preserve the oceans for future generations.

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