Bonaire Marine Mammal Strandings

We are a cooperating organization on Bonaire that helps with the beaching of Marine Mammals. Marine Mammals in this case means dolphins, sharks, manta rays and whales. The collaborating organization includes Stinapa, veterinarians, Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire (STCB) Cetacean experts and we as the Blue Defenders Foundation.

Casper Douma / Blue Defenders

So, if you find any stranded animals please contact us asap.

Important: don’t try to help the animals yourself!

On May 4th 2024 we had a stranding of a Pantropical spotted dolphin on the east coast of Bonaire. It was already dead in the water for about one day. Together with Stinapa we took measurements to determine its age and health. We found a big fish (Merlucius Albidus) in his throat and because there was no other visible trauma we are assuming it choked to death.

Casper Douma / Blue Defenders
Casper Douma / Blue Defenders
Casper Douma / Blue Defenders

The body of the Pantropical dolphin was in a really good shape, Stinapa will try to salvage the skeleton in order to display it for educational purposes.

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